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Adirable congratulations standing, tinggi 175cm lebar 75cm. rangkaian bunga standing cocok untuk ucapan selamat, karna tema warna yang pink gradasi . rangkaian akan kami sertakan ucapan ukuran A4
dan pita tile serta pita tulisan.

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Category: Standing Flowers


  • size Height 175 cm and  width 75 cm
  • Elegant and classy style, with bigger wording board.
  • Theme colour : pink gradation with touch of lavender.
  • For  congratulatory purposes.
  • If you prefer this design for condolences purposes, we will change its colour theme accordingly ( to white and green thme colour) please give note while ordering.
  • Our standing flower arrangement bigger and taller.  / rangkaian standing duka cita kami lebih besar dan tinggL

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Sameday Delivery Available


Substitution may be necessary to ensure your order arrives on time.
I.E : vase, soft toy, basket etc. If so required, we will substitute the material to equal or greater value, and we will ensure that the 'design and quality' of the arrangement will be maintained.


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