Table Arrangement-54

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Adorable signature topiary in white height : 70 cm wide 45 cm, one of our best center piece seller, elegant and big.

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Category: Table Flowers


  • Rangkaian bunga meja bertema kombinasi  putih  dengan sentuhan hijau/ Table flower arrangement with theme : comination of white and green.
  • – Dirangkai dengan style natural yang lagi trend / Natural style arrangement is in style now.
  • Bunga terdiri dari : rose putih, eustoma,  anyelir pink, snap dragon, lily dan anggrek dikombinasi dengan bunga bunga pemanis dan daun daun / flower consist of :  white roses, carnation, snap dragon, cymbidium orchird and  in season filler flowers.
  • Size Height  70 cm width 50 cm.
  • TOPIARY TREE, we shape the arrangement similiar to tree shape.
  • Anda juga bisa datang langsung ke toko bunga kami di alamat berikut.

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Available 2 Day In Advance


Substitution may be necessary to ensure your order arrives on time.
I.E : vase, soft toy, basket etc. If so required, we will substitute the material to equal or greater value, and we will ensure that the 'design and quality' of the arrangement will be maintained.


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